The MultiMEDIA pavilion, the technological hub of the CMA 2014!

MultimediaÉmilien Nadeau, president of the CMA 2014

Edmundston (N.B.)- May 6th – The City of Edmundston's Multisports Pavilion will have a whole new look for the World Acadian Congress. In partnership with the City of Edmundston, the CMA's team will transform this infrastructure to transform it into the technological backbone of the CMA. Thus, the Multisports Pavilion will become the MultiMEDIA Pavilion and will accommodate a variety of new interactive technologies for the delight of visitors.

The MultiMEDIA Pavilion will be led by a creative team that will reinterpret the 2014 CMA from images, sounds and videos shared via social networking by participants in the festivities. This team led by Jac Gautreau, Artistic Coordinator for the CMA 2014, will consist of Gabriel Robichaud, poet, actor, playwright, of Sébastien Michaud, composer and instrumentalist, and of Jonathan Xavier L'Heureux, graphic designer and 3D artist.

"The MultiMEDIA Pavilion is at the heart of our initiatives for the CMA 2014 to be modern, accessible to all age groups of the population and on social media as well as the web. This will be the eminent showcase for new technologies that will allow Acadians from around the world to actively participate in celebrations on site or even at large.", said Mr. Emilien Nadeau, President of the CMA 2014.

An indoor stage will allow several artists from various disciplines to perform in a modern and welcoming space. This stage will also be the venue to the set of "This is my talk show", a daily show broadcast live on the web via CMA.TV. In collaboration with several partners, the MultiMEDIA Pavilion will also host several interactive installations such as "Echo" produced by the National Film Board of Canada. This installation, which will celebrate the Francophonie in all its aspects, will be enhanced for the CMA by four new capsules produced in Acadia of the Lands and Forests . Visitors will also be able to interact with games such as: "Thy word is at stake", produced by the NFB of Canada and the Université de Moncton, "Lights Contact", "Metamorphy" and "Akousmaflore" from le collectif français Scenocosme, the Carnet de la Francophonie des Amériques, produced by the Centre de la Francophonie.

"The National Film Board of Canada is pleased that the World Acadian Congress has reserved this prominent space at the heart of the MultiMEDIA Pavilion, allowing them to celebrate their 75th anniversary with all the Acadians. The two projects presented, "Ta parole est en jeu" and "Echos" testify to the richness of French culture in Acadie as well as elsewhere in Canada and around the world. I invite visitors to come in large numbers to discover the strengths and diversity of the Francophonie in an entertaining and festive manner.", said Mr. Dominic Desjardins, Executive Producer, Studio de la francophonie canadienne NFB.

You can visit the MultiMEDIA Pavilion as many times as you like between August 8th and 24th provided you have purchased the CMA bracelet. Remember that the MultiMEDIA Pavilion is one of the five events the 2014 CMA bracelet gives you access to. For more information about the bracelet, visit: or 1-844-740-2014.

Details of the program of activities of the MultiMEDIA Pavilion are available at

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Le Congrès mondial acadien is a grand reunion that happens every five years that calls for the Acadian diaspora around the world. Several activities will be offered for more than two weeks, from August 8 to 24, 2014 The event is based on community involvement and allows to assert its culture, heritage and attractions


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