Coalition des organisations acadiennes du Québec

The Coalition des organisations acadiennes du Québec (COAQ) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring together the various Acadian groups and associations as well as any other association or group in the province of Québec that share the same interests in order to initiate, coordinate and develop projects and joint interventions to increase the visibility and to promote the Acadian identity in Québec.

The Acadians established in Québec for many generations have contributed significantly to the development and evolution of the Québec society. Furthermore, thousands of Acadians originating from the Atlantic Provinces have established themselves or visited the province of Québec for several decades and contribute to the enrichment of the society and to the Québec culture.

We believe that this Acadian presence in Québec is an integral part of its history and must be recognized for its merits.Thus, by joining forces through a coalition, the member-associations are aiming their efforts towards the realization of interventions and joint projects whose goals are to increase the visibility and to promote the Acadian identity in the province of Québec.

The Coalition pursues the following objectives:
• To define the projects and interventions needing a joint participation of the members and to coordinate their actions toward their realization;
• Increase the visibility of Acadians through interventions and activities aimed at the promotion of the Acadian identity, inside the province of Québec as well as outside;
• To ensure that the Acadians from Québec are permanently represented with the Société Nationale de l'Acadie and, if needed, with the governmental agencies;
• To strengthen relations and exchanges between associations and the members of the Coalition;
• To incite and favour relations and exchanges with the Acadian associations and communities outside the province of Québec;
• To support the creation of other associations and groups of Acadians in the province of Québec.

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