A Gourmet Circuit on the Territory of the CMA 2014

For the past year, 24 agricultural producers, processing firms, restaurant and food service providers showed an interest at the outset in getting involved in this novel regional venture.  In order to support their endeavour to promote local products and the culinary art, Chef Alain Bossé provided them with sound advice.  Alain Bossé, “The Kilted Chef” is originally from the area and is a true culinary ambassador in Atlantic Canada. During individual training sessions with participants, Chef Bossé’s expert advice certainly proved to be a remarkable asset in adding a touch of creativity to various dishes and products.

Any person interested in completing the culinary circuit can do so with a passport that will give them a chance to discover regional food specialties provided by agricultural producers, processing firms and restaurant owners participating in the project. There is always a possibility of adding new players to this Acadian gourmet adventure, however, here are the first ringleaders:

Agricultural producers

Processing firms

Restaurant Owners

Domaine Acer (QC)

Bernier Meat Market (NB)

Auberge du Chemin Faisant (QC)

Érablière de la Montagne Verte (NB)

Boucherie L. Ouellette (NB)

Auberge les Jardins Inn (NB)

Ferme Nature Sauvage (QC)

Bouchard’s Family (ME)

Boutique Sucré Salé (NB)

Ferme Maurifils (NB)

Fromagerie Le Détour (QC)

Café Flora (NB)

Jardin Beau-Lieu (NB)

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault (NB)

Chez Charlotte (NB)

Luc Cormier Agricole (NB)

Frank’s Bar & Grill (NB)

Inn of Acadia (ME)


Lakeview Restaurant (ME)

L’a Saisonnée (NB)

Pirate de la mer (NB)

Poissonnerie Ouellet et Restaurant
familial (NB)

Restaurant Le Patrimoine (NB)

Resto-Pub la Cambuse (QC)


These providers will also have the opportunity to introduce their products at a showcasing event at ExpoMONDE in Grand Falls during the CMA 2014; moreover, some of them will be offering special menus during theme day celebrations.

This project is an initiative of the “Comité touristique interrégional” (Interregional Tourism Committee) which brought together representatives of the tourism industry within the three regions of the CMA 2014.  Both these tools were designed to continue well after the CMA 2014.  For more information about this gourmet circuit in Acadia of the Lands and Forests, please consult our web page at www.acadiegourmet.ca or www.cma2014.com

À propos…

The World Acadian Congress is a gathering held every five years and it unites the Acadian diaspora from all over the world.  Many activities are planned over a two week period, i.e. from August 8th to the 24th, 2014.  The event draws on the community’s commitment and promotes the Acadian culture, heritage and amenities.

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