Job offer - Protocol agent

The protocol sector, under the supervision of general management of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014, is looking for a protocol agent. Reporting to the Coordinator of Protocol, the successful candidate will be responsible for the permanent VIP lounge at ExpoMONDE where he will greet the dignitaries between August 14 and 24, 2014 in Grand Falls. The protocol sector of the CMA is the first contact point for visiting dignitaries. It is therefore essential that the protocol officer has a good knowledge of the area and of the Congrès mondial acadien’s programming, as well as affirmed organizational and interpersonal skills. 
The successful candidate will:

-        Welcome the dignitaries to the VIP lounge;

-        Answer their questions and orient the dignitaries;

-        Manage visits to the VIP lounge;

-        Control access to the lounge;

-        Coordinate private meetings with partners in collaboration with the protocol sector of the CMA;

-        Manage inventory of products available to dignitaries at the VIP lounge;

-        Ensure that the VIP lounge is clean;

-        Propose tourist tours to the dignitaries who request it;

-        Provide guidance and support to the dignitaries regarding their participation to activities of the CMA;

-        Answer questions relating to the CMA 2014’ programming; and

-        Inform the Coordinator of Protocol of all official requests related to the dignitaries.

Asset Qualifications:

Knowledge and experience in the following areas:


  • Cultural diversity and customs/hosting of delegations; and
  • Hospitality and event planning.


Knowledge of French and English, written and spoken, is essential.