The New Beginning : The Triplets!

Do you know your triplet?

During the last year, triplets were formed, uniting municipalities from New-Brunswick , Maine and Témiscouata. They met twice to create common projects. On this las day of the CMA 2014, the municipalities of Témiscouata now play host during a series of festive community activties.

Participate at your triplets' morning activity and the triplets parade that will bring together participants from each community of Acadia of the Lands and Forests! Who will be the largest triplet?


 Triplets Activties - Témiscouata- August 24 





Auclair Paired with the activity in Lejeune
Biencourt Mass and brunch Church and City Hall 9:30 AM
Dégelis Brunch Restaurant 1212 11:00 AM
Las des Aigles Guided tour and brunch Lake Pavilion 9:00 AM
Lejeune Public markert and musicial brunch during the 
"Festival Lejeune Archet"
Site of the Festival and the church 10:00 AM
Packington Mass, exposition and brunch Church and Community lodge 9:30 AM
Pohénégamook Softball game and BBQ diner  Sully ball field 
(de la Fabrique street)
10;00 AM
Rivière-Bleue Lunch and guided tour of the municipality Sports Complex Rosaire-Bélanger  8:45 AM
Saint-Athanase Paired with the activity in Pohénégamook
Saint-Elzéar Paired with the activity in Saint-Louis-du Ha! Ha!
Saint-Eusèbe Mass, cocktail reception, brunch and guided tour Church and community room L'Envol 9:30 AM

Guided tour, art gallery ,murmure, heavenly garden and lunch

Community rool Charles-Morin 9:30 AM
Saint-Jesn-de-la-Lande Paired with the activity in Packington
Saint-Juste-du-Lac Pointu Exposition and brunch Unergrowth of l'Anse 10:00 AM
Saint-Louis-du Ha! Ha! Guided tour, exposition, Aster , Dole Lake and brunch  City Hall (morning) Golf  club(brunch) 9:00 AM
Saint-Marc-du-Lac-long Maple grove tour, lunch and pontoon tour Municipal room 10:00 AM
Squatec Mass, choir and brunch "Club des biens de même" 9:00 AM
Saint-Pierre-de-Lamy Paired with the activity in Saint-Honoré
Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac Brunch  Clair Soleil Park 10:30 AM

Acadia of Quebec and Témiscouata Lake will be honored during ceremonies of the New Beginning on August 24th. The public is invited to visit the Témiscouata lakeshore at the Clair Soleil park to witness the ceremony, which will close in beauty the fifth Congrès mondial acadien. Be part of this unique event being at the helm of your boat decorated in the colors of Acadia Lake .

To know the different location of the Marina with access to Lake Témiscouata, visit the website of Marina Québec.

Marina J. Pomerleau:  418-854-0220 - [email protected] 

Club de yacht: 418 854-3887 - [email protected]

Notre-Dame-du-Lac : 418 938-0549 - [email protected] 

Dégelis : 418-853-3815  ou 418-853-3547

Saintt-Juste du lac : 418-899-6468 - i[email protected]