Media Newsletter - August 22

Press Conference - August 22

10:30a.m. (NB time) - 9:30 (ME et QC time)

MultiMÉDIA Pavilion

- Mme la Ministre Annick Girardin - Secretary of State for la Francophonie and development
- Catherine Briat - Canada Cultural Counselor
- François Bouffard - Paris 3D 
- Patrice Carpuat - Et l'Acadie et sa Majesté?



Mrs Minister Annick Girardin
Secretary of State for la Francophonie and development

France and Acadian communities are linked by both a centuries of history and deep attachment to the French language. Today, this history of friendship continues and is renewed: the participation of France in the fifth Congrès mondial acadien in the month of August 2014 demonstrates its commitment to these relationships and his desire to continue to share all subjects, whether cultural, economic or focus on French language.

Acadia is not a territory with defined borders, it is located where the Acadians and its culture shines, wheterit is  in Louisiana as well as in Quebec, New England, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, the Caribbean or in France ...

So it is with great enthusiasm that we responded present to the call of the organizers of the Congress, by establishing a France Pavilion at the ExpoMONDE in Grand Falls. The exhibition space will allow us to present the best of France in its diversity and in its relationship with Acadia. We wanted this wealth is expressed through the work of many actors: cities, counties, communities and overseas departments, the Consulate General of France in Moncton which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary and of course the civil society in all forms.


Catherine Briat - Canada Cultural Counselor


Bask in the rich culture of France. Discover its collaborative activities, its technological expertise and the dynamic economic  and cultural nature of its regions. Participate in activities  developed by its regions and enjoy the litteracy and theatrical works that will be presented.


François Bouffard - Paris 3D

  • Discover Paris 3D project. 3D reconstructions of monuments of Paris at various times in history, made by Dassault Systèmes.
Web site...

"Et l'Acadie et sa Majesté?"

        France has she abandoned us? is a great historical epic that spans fifteen years interspersed with scenes set at Versailles and other scenes of Acadie. The show begins in the reign of Louis XV and explains the reasons why the France had to abandon Acadia and french Canada to England. Spectators tear of Louis XV, between the desire to recover Acadia to the English and the reality of the time at the time when France is entering a 7 years war against many of the european nations .
        This unique piece is the work of the French writer Alain Dubos, well known for his expertise on the history of French Canada.

    Date: August 22
    Location: Richelieu room in Grand Falls
    Time: 7:00 pm


    Media Convening Notices

    Nursing Profession Seminar

    • August 22 at  10:45 am – UMCE – PSL-105 (165 Hebert blvd, Edmundston) "L’intelligence collective des infirmières" : Suzanne Gordon, Independant Journalist and author

    Economic Summit

    • August 22 at 3:00 pm – Edmundston Congress Center, 2014 Economic Summit Declaration

    France Day

    • August 22 at 5:00pm  – ExpoMONDE - Inauguration of the France Pavilion


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