One-way ticket, a year before CMA 2014

ChronometreThe countdown until the next Congrès mondial acadien has reached a new milestone: less than a year before the next edition, from August 8th to 24th 2014. The hearts of the citizens of the territory of Acadia of the Lands and Forests are filled with excitement. This feeling lives throughout the offices of the CMA. Something unique is happening in the region and everyone gives it their own signature.

At the CMA’s headquarters, everyone contributes to guarantee the success of August 2014’s celebrations. From the planning of activities to the ease of transit between borders, or the promotion of the CMA across the world, the work accomplished by the team is a ticket to success of the grand celebrations next year in the territory.

Today, it is time to raise the torch and pass it on to the community. First, to the citizens of Acadia of the Lands and Forests; let this flame be a reminder of the liveliness of Maine’s Acadie, of the long history of Acadie in Témiscouata and of the uniqueness of Acadie in Northwestern New Brunswick. Let the differences be interwoven into the ties that bind Acadie. Let the next part of the countdown be made of exchanges, gatherings and new friendships.

Then, let the citizens of Acadia of the Lands and Forests share this torch with every Acadian at heart. Let everyone take part in this collective and inclusive project. Let them ensure the link between our ambassadors. Let’s sing our love, celebrate our economic initiatives and live great moments with the sporting achievements of our athletes. Let these proud delegates help us recognize ourselves, but also surpass expectations.

Finally, let this symbolic flame shine all over the planet. Let it be a reminder of the strength of Acadie. Let this torch be an invitation to Acadie of the world for this grand event, from August 8th to 24th 2014.