Lane Evans

Lane Evans is a young man that was born in Gonzales, LA. Lane was raised in a household where music was of the utmost importance.  He was taught at an early age that music is the fabric that weaves together families, friends, and strangers. His mother and father were influential in building a foundation of music that would uphold Lane’s future dreams and ambitions.  When Lane was young, he would beg and plead that his parents bring him to “Nonc Allision’s (Bourque)” house to listen to his Swamp Pop band, The Boogie Nights, rehearse. He began to learn to play the guitar from his uncle at an early age. During his high school and college years Lane dabbled with his music ambitions, but put them on hold to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional athlete. After participating in American Football in university and playing football professionally, Lane decided to seriously pursue his musical ambitions that he had as a young adult. While finishing his degree at Louisiana State University, Lane has begun to explore his roots thanks to the Cajun French education program there. In finding out his family is tied to the Bourque family from l’Acadie, he has had a renewal of his heritage, and has begun to write songs in French about the struggles of his family and what it means to be a Cadien en Louisiane.