Newsletter October 7, 2013

Did you guess what last week's word «chalin » meant?
Definition: Heat lights without thunder

This week…
What does the word «désairer» mean?
Sentence: « […] i sont point revenus, les verrats [« personnes détestable »]. Je finirons par les déserrer. » 1975, A. Maillet, Évangéline Deusse, p. 60


cma beaulac 49Column: Towards the CMA 2014!

Onw way ticket: Opening Ceremonies

The bank of Beau Lake is very meaningful to the Congrès mondial acadien 2014. It's the meeting point of all three hosting regions of New Brunswick, Quebec, and Maine. For that reason, it has been chosen as the location for the first phase of the opening ceremonies of the 5th Congrès mondial acadien. Tradition will meet modernity at the symbolic opening ceremony of August 8th 2014. People will be able return to the sources of their history and contemplate the evolution of the community. Upon the very start of the opening ceremony at Beau Lake, the values of the congress will already be put forward, including looking beyond the borders, an Acadia that welcomes everyone from around the world, and the new reality of modern communications and social medias. Read more...


Acadie-Québec Seminar

Delegates who attended the recent Acadie-Québec conference in Pohénégamook in Quebec had the chance to discover the different Acadians festivals and events standing everywhere in Quebec! They also met with the associations and active Acadian groups in several regions of Quebec while learning more about the upcoming celebrations of Congrès mondial acadien 2014.


The Big E!

The Congrès mondial acadien 2014 recently participated at the Big E in Springfield, Massachusset Many people had the opportunity to learn about the preliminary program of the 2014 festivities, but also learn more about Acadians in Maine. Governor LePage joined few members of the Maine Regional Committe at the kicking off Maine Day at the Big E in Springfield, Massachussets! Here are some pictures of that beautiful weekend!



A show in collaboration with the CMA 2014 :
"L'unité dans la diversité"

Identity is not a name. Identity is not a star on any flag, it carries in the heart. It is the assurance of people standing in spite of adversity. It is the legacy of our ancestors who persevered and build our future. The star is a symbol with multiple meanings. We are all the stars that make up the firmament. Our respective light shines in our actions and our commitment to our community. This is when they are grouped the stars dazzle us. The show of Alexandre Dionne aims to get together under one sky and contemplate our differences in a new light for. This is a audacious move that deserves to propel us to a straightforward objective, and that includes us in a common identity.


Thursday, October 17,2013, 8:00 PM,  Léo- Paulin Room
Admission: 22$ - Tickets are available in all conviniences store in Northwest NB, at Golden Music Shop and at the CMA 2014 Office in Edmundston.


Guets Artists: Louis Bérubé, Véronique Bilodeau, Michael Sullivan, Ashley McNally, Sean Connely, Jérémie Grenier


The cultural Society of Saint-François inc.

The Cultural Society of Saint-François proceeded on September 29th to the inauguration of the newly historical sites in the village of Saint-François-de Madawaska in NB. The sites are: The old cemetery, the red church, the convent, the cave Notre-Dame-Du-Saint-Rosaire, the white church, the regional school, the first general store, the cheese store, the Cyr'shotel and the mill in Verret. The Cultural Society of Saint-François invites the public to come visit all these sites rich in history!

Travel Tips from the Canada Border Services Agency

Considering the potential increase of traffic at the New Brunswick / Maine border during the Congrèes mondial acadien 2014 , the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is working with the CMA 2014 Organizing Committee to help minimize impacts at the border and ensure that crossings at the border during the event go as smoothly as possible.There are also a number of things that Congress participants can do to help ensure a smooth border crossing. Read more...


The CMA 2014 seeks support of Acadia of the lands and forestsfor ots accomodations directory!

The Congrès mondial acadien 2014 (CMA 2014) is seeking support from the population of Acadia of the Lands and Forests in order to create a data base for private accommodations. People who have a room(s), house or cottage(s) available for the seventeen days of the CMA 2014 will be able to register simply by filling out the form available on our Web site at: