Forestry: Innovative by nature!

The Congrès Mondial Acadien 2014 forestry symposium titled "Forestry: Innovative by nature!" is intended to be a unifying event that will explore the evolution of forest management, bring a focus on possible futures for our forests, and define what roles modern forestry plays in our society. This conference will provide an important forum for professionals and scientists in the domain of forestry so that they can discuss the latest knowledge and technology, while focusing on challenges and possible solutions to forest management and the marketing of certain forest products. This conference will also examine four major themes related to forests and their management, including: precision forestry, forest biomass, maple syrup production and other non-timber forest products, and new forest products. By exploring these issues, this forestry event will allow participants to deepen their knowledge on topics and issues of concern to the world of forestry. This conference is also intended as a networking opportunity for professionals and will establish links and, possibly, new collaborative partnerships between the various stakeholders of the large territory of the lands and forests of the Acadian region. 




Seminar Documentation