Acadia in all its challenges

Organizing committee

The activity is coordinated by and organizing committee, which is composed of the following members:

  • Jacques Paul Couturier, appointed Vice-Chancellor, Université de Moncton, Edmundston campus (UMCE), Coordinator
  • Samira Belyazid, Professor of Linguistics, UMCE (Language, discourse, ideology)
  • Pénélope Cormier, Professor of literature, UMCE (Arts and literature)
  • Nicole Lang, Professor of History, UMCE (History, heritage and remembrance)
  • André Leclerc, Professor of Economics, UMCE, Chair of the Caisses populaires acadiennes in cooperative management, Université de Moncton (Territorial and community development)
  • Gino Leblanc, Senior Advisor, Strategic planning and government relations, Université de Moncton (Political and associative governance)

Julien Massicotte, Professor of Sociology, UMCE (Identity and globalization)