Rythmic gymnastics

Club Élégance, Edmundston and Club Krystal, Grand Falls

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A team of thirty girls 5-18 years of Edmundston and Grand Falls, under the direction of head coach Karine Grondin, available in show / demonstration of rhythmic gymnastics with the participation of parents. This sport is closely linked to dance, combines sporty performance and body work . Rhythmic gymnastics is a discipline and mesmerizing aesthetic , emphasizing choreography, charm, grace, rhythm, gesture and movement skills . Each performance is rated according to choreography, address and degree of difficulty. Youngsters will happen to free routines (floor) as well as rope, hoop, ribbon and ball. The theme of the Acadia of the Lands and Forests will be predominant and the theme song for the CMA 2014. Organizations interested in receiving them, or for any other reservations should contact the president of Edmundston and project coordinator , Patsy Pelletier, as soon as possible. 

Club Élégance Edmundston

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Club Krystal / Krystal Club, Grand-Falls

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