Madawaska, Maine, the place to be for Acadian Day 2014

TintamarreAugust 15th 2014 will be a special one for Madawaska, small town in the northeast of Maine.

Acadia of the World will be visiting. Coming as a surprise to many, Madawaska holds a strong Acadian population, and it has been celebrating National Acadian Day for more than 35 years. So its people were thrilled when they learned they would host the August 15th festivities for the Congrès mondial acadien 2014. For this highly symbolic day for the Acadians, Madawaska has organized colorful, noisy, and authentic celebrations.

The day will start with an outdoor mass, by the Multipurpose Centre in Madawaska, Maine. More tham 6000 people are expected. To promote Acadian solidarity, the bishops of Acadia of the Lands and Forests and the archbishop of Quebec will conduct the ceremony, wearing specially-made Acadian cassocks. The public will be serenade by songs from the Neil Michaud choir, joined by singers from more than 10 choirs of the Saint-Jean valley. Since this mass wants to reflect the unifying vision of the congress, representatives of the main Acadian family names will take part in the entrance procession, with banners and coats of arms of thier name. Aboriginals will also be present for a drum celebration.

In the afternoon, Madawaska will be a hub for a entertainment of all ages. The downtown will be buzzing with live entertainers, folkloric music, and art expositions. A community BBQ will also alleviate the hungry stomachs. 

The August 15 celebrations also offer an activity route throughout the Canada/US border crossings in order for everyone to meet in Madawaska. This route includes Lonesome Pine Trails LOdge, Fort-Kent (ME), downtown Edmundston, the American Legion Hall, and the Village historique acadien of Van Buren (ME).

One of the most anticipated time of this day is the legendary tintamarre or noise parade. Il will begin at 5:55 p.m, downtown Madawaska, as thousands will be wearing Acadian colors. For those who have never participated in or seen a noise parade, pots, pans, spoons, musical instruments, and horns will be heard, as disguised people will march on Main Street to showcase their enthusiasm, resilience, and Acadian pride.

National Acadian Day wouldn't be complete without a music concert to make you tap your feet and dance. In the evening, the Multipurpose Centre of Madawaska will resonate to the sounds of "L'Acadie, fille d'Amérique". The concert honors the fact that Acadians have been present in the Americas for over 400 years. It will be a unique occasion to see renowned artists in an intimate and warm setting. The list of artists includes Zachary Richard, Lisa Leblanc, Radio Radio, Roch Voisine (spokesperson for the CMA 2014), Marie-Jo Thério, the artists of the Acadia Trad School, and many more.

Finally, when you say celebrationm you say fireworks. To end the August 15th activities, fireworks will color the Madawaska skies at midnight.

We look forward to see you in 2014 !