Statement in Response to the Société Radio-Canada Report of July 17th, 2014 on the CMA 2014’s Budget.

The Congrès mondial acadien 2014 will not run a deficit!

Contrary to what journalist Antoine Trépanier reported in an article dated July 17, the CMA 2014 is in excellent financial health. The CMA relies on the financial commitments of the participating governments and the great success of its partnerships program with the private sector.

At six months of the event, the organizing committee of the CMA 2014 readjusted the activities and accounts of its budget to enable it to better reflect projected expenditures. This exercise was done in compliance with the basic principles of its financial management, which are: to hold a single event throughout the territory and to spread the activities proportionally to the financial effort of the governments in the three regions.

In addition, that adjustment corresponds to a realignment of 2.5% over an estimated budget of 14 million dollars. CMA'S organizing committee believes that this exercise was quite normal at that stage of the event and welcomed the fact that there was no need to make more important adjustments.

The organization of the CMA 2014 would like to reassure all its partners that the exercise does not jeopardize its commitments to the community. The CMA 2014 will be a great and successful event in compliance with the established budgets despite the views of a few persons who have not yet understood the principle of one single CMA over the full territory of Acadia of the Lands and Forests.


Léo Paul Charest

Executive Director – Congrès mondial acadien 2014

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