Job offers

Last update: Friday March 29, 2012

The CMA 2014 is looking for people to fill the following positions:

1. Director of Logistics: The Logistics Manager will be responsible for matters related to logistics, including health and safety, emergency plans, equipment management, concessions, facilities, sites and inventories. To view the job posting, click here.

2. Director of Communications: The communications department has a mandate to ensure the visibility of the CMA 2014 on the whole territory of Acadia of Lands and Forests and outside. It develops and implements the communication plan of the CMA 2014 to the pre-conference intensive and for the period of the congress itself. To view the job posting, click here.

3. Coordinator Artistic Director: The Coordinator works as artistic director in the implementation of artistic and cultural events Pre-conference as well as those of the programming of the CMA 2014. To view the job posting, click here.


Summer jobs

Please note that the summer jobs for the CMA 2014 are now online on the Young Canada Works website. We invite you to creat your account and submit your application.

For questions, please contact us at (506) 737-2014

Work location: Edmundston, N.-B.

We thank all the people who will respond to these jobs. We will contact only those selected for an interview.



Contact us for different job opportunities available, or send us a resume specifying your expertise and interest to join the team!

Tel.: (506) 737-2014

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