Mission and Vision


To hold the CMA 2014 in the Acadia of Lands and Forests by relying on a vibrant commitment and collaboration from the community and its partners in order to generate an enthusiastic participation of Acadians from all over the world, who will join us on location or will join in the activities through modern means of communication.


An Acadian diaspora: a people proud of the heritage that enhances its vitality and diversity and ready to face the 3rd millennium in the spirit of internationalization and solidarity.


To mark the image of the CMA 2014 in the Acadia of Lands and Forests, the following logo was selected:

Horizontal Couleur

The interpretation of the logo:

The parallel furrows are fluid and vibrant like...
• The land
• The forest
• The rivers and lakes

The colors are those of Acadia, blue, white, red... The green symbolizes life growing from an abundant and generous land. It is Acadia of the Lands and Forests.

The colors converge and lead the entire world to one unique destination: a celebration of its people. It is the Acadia of the World!

An Acadian star emerges...the star is invigorated, rejuvenated, pumped up and propelled into the future with pride.

A new Acadia!

Those are the long-awaited results of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014.


This slogan constitutes the backdrop of the CMA 2014's organization and, accordingly the assessment grid of the organizing committee of the CMA 2014 (COCMA) for each of its activities. Given a twofold purpose, the slogan should recognize all the characteristics of the CMA 2014 and each of the broad objectives pursued by the organizing committee of the CMA 2014.

Slogans anglais

...is the popular Acadia: the Acadia that we talk about in the streets, in coffee shops, on the ice skating rink as well as beach, the Acadia within our families and within our community.

It is also the international Acadia: the Acadian diaspora: Acadians actually living here on the territory, and also scattered and migrant Acadians; it is universal!

Our new Acadia is:

•    Comprehensive

•    Inclusive

•    Bonding

•    Embracing

•    Sophisticated

•    International