Our Partners

The CMA 2014 opens Acadia to the world and offers an inclusive approach. The organization of the World Acadian Congress relies on collaboration to a great extent, involving three regions in a huge event that will take place throughout Acadia of the Lands and Forests — and beyond. The event will enable northwest New Brunswick, Aroostook County in Maine and the Témiscouata region of Québec not only to shine as an Acadian region, but also to work together for a common purpose: to be recognized as a single, unified tourism, economic and social region — ACADIA OF THE LANDS AND FORESTS.

For these reasons, the CMA 2014 is currently searching for governmental and private partners with provincial, national and even international mandates with the goal of reaching agreements based on the win-win principle.

The CMA has already begun encouraging discussions with the Governments of Canada and the United States, as well as New Brunswick, Québec, Maine and all the local and municipal governments of the three regions. Almost all of these governments have contributed to the organization of the CMA 2014, and we are assured of their continued commitment.

In terms of private or semi-private partners, there is already a great deal of commitment from both countries, the two provinces, the state of Maine and the 50 municipalities involved. While the CMA 2014 has not yet officially launched its private sponsor program, already we have been able to forge excellent agreements with various parties from all three participating regions.

The CMA 2014 partnership include:


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