Newsletter May 21st 2013

Word of the week

did you guess what last week's word « forbir / fourbir » meant? 
Definition : Clean, wash, scrub the floor

This week… 
What does the word «chaculot» mean?
Sentence: Quel est le nom du chaculot de votre famille?


Theme Song of the CMA 2014

the President of the Congrès mondial acadien, M. Emilien Nadeau invites the public to the official launching of the CMA 2014's theme song that will lead us to the 2014 festivities. Come participate in the first public presentation of the theme song in Acadia of the Lands and Forests.

Date: Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM (NB) ou 10:00 (ME and QC)
Location: Cinéma V, 27 Costigan St., Edmundston, NB

The press conference will be webcast live on the home page of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014.



Private Accomodations

You want to open your house to visitors during the 2014 festivities? The team of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014 invites you to fill out the form intended to people who want to offer one or more guest rooms in their private residence or to rent a house or summer cottage during the Congrès mondial acadien 2014 (CMA 2014), from August 8th to 24th, 2014. Read more...



Youth Guide 2014

Young and younger alike will have the chance to be shown the way towards the Congrès mondial acadien 2014. Through the youth guide 2014, Acadians from around the world and their friends will follow the road of those who developed the part of the country that will host the fifth Congrès mondial acadien.  Read more... 


Emplois étudiants

Six positions are currently open at the 2014 World Acadian Congress for summer jobs for a period of eight weeks through Canada Summer Jobs. Four of these positions are from Service Canada (Quebec) and two of these positions are from Service Canada (New Brunswick). Read more...


Congrès régional - Cercles des fermières

The team of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014 was present on May 9th at the Regional Congress of the Appalachian Federation involving 49 circles of the Bas-Saint-Laurent, Québec, and from Madawaska, New Brunswick.  Read more...