Major Events

Opening CeremoniesRoch Voisine

August 8th 2014, Edmundston (NB)

The Sun Comes Up Over Acadie of the World
The 5th Congrès mondial acadien opens on the shore of Beau Lake, where the borders of New Brunswick, Quebec, and Maine meet. Arriving on the lake by canoe, a few dignitaries and first nations elders take part in a noble and festive ceremony; a symbolic erasing of the borders. At the same time, in eight strategically Lands and Forests, the public is invited to participate in the ceremony live on the web during community breakfasts.

One Moment to Recollect
Following tradition, an ecumenical ceremony marking the opening of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014 will be held in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Edmundston.

On our Way to the Party
In a festive spirit the public is invited to set out on a journey that will lead them to the celebrations in Edmundston. Along the way, in Madawaska, Baker Brook, Saint-Anne-de-Madawaska, and Dégelis, festive and entertaining community activities are planned. 

Welcome to Edmundston
The journey continues towards downtown Edmundston which has taken on festive airs for the occasion. The town is livened with public entertainers and shows. This is a time for ployes, smiles, and reunions.

Ceremony in the park
In the afternoon, all converge on Turgeon Park where the formal opening ceremonies are held. Dignitaries arrive on Madawaska River and participate with the population in the official opening ceremonies. An event filled with artistic expression that celebrates the imagination and talent of the people of Acadia of the Land and Forests. The event incudes the ceremonial planting of a tree in soil from the 2009 CMA, underlining the ongoing tradition of the Congrès mondial acadien.

Acadie of the World
A big, big concert with lots of people... a large scale event to launch the 5th Congrès mondial acadien. With Jac Gautreau as artistic director, the show features Roch Voisine, CMA spokesperson along with Natasha St-Pier, Jason Guerrette, Jean-Marc Couture,Joannie Benoit, Maxime McGraw and many other artists of Acadie of the World. A celebration of Acadien culture throughout the planet and a showcase for international as well as local artists. With a cast of 500 artists and artisans, this spectacular show kicks off 17 days filled with emotions ans surprises!  

Acadian National Day

Zachary Richard

August 15th 2014, Madawaska (Maine)

On August 15th, all roads lead to Madawaska, Me, where the Acadian National Holiday celebrations will take place. The day begins with festive events near the Canada/US border crossings.

August 15th Spiritual Celebration
True to the Acadian tradition, a grand outdoor mass is celebrated at the Multipurpose Centre in Madawaska, Maine by the bishops of Acadia of the Lands and Forests. A choir formed by ''Le choeur Neil Michaud'' and choirs from the CMA 2014 territory join voices to sing this festive mass.

Welcome to Madawaska
Downtown Madawaska comes alive with street entertainment and community events during the afternoon. Art exhibits, community barbecues, and other various activities are held.

The Grand CMA 2014 Tintamarre
The highlight of Acadian National Holiday CMA 2014 Tintamarre. Thousands of Acadians and their friends, costumed in acadian colors and playing pots, pans and other noise making instruments, gather on Main street in Madawaska. A loud and colourful celebration of the strength and resilience of the Acadian people.

 ''Acadie, fille d'Amérique''
In the evening, at the Multipurpose Centre in Madawaska, CMA 2014 presents the National Acadian Holiday stage event ''Acadie fille d'Amérique''. In the centre of Acadia of the Lands and Forests, on the shores of the Saint-John River, the Congrès mondial acadien celebrates more than 400 years of Acadian presence in America. Artists from different regions of Acadie, Quebec, Maine, Louisiana, and elsewhere in francophone America join in Acadian spirit. Artists Zachary Richard, Lisa Leblanc, Radio Radio, Roch Voisine, Marie-Jo Thério, traditional musicians from the Acadia Trad School and many other performers gather under the artistic direction of René Cormier to propose an evening of festive and sometimes surprising musical encounters. 

Acadian National Holiday Fireworks
The CMA 2014 celebrates Acadian National Holiday and the joyous reunion of Acadians fireworks display to close off the day's festivities. 

New Beginning CeremoniesFeux dartifices

August 24th 2014, Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac (Québec)

The New Beginning celebrations call upon the municipalities in Acadia of the Lands and Forests that were group into triplets (one municipality per region). This celebration highlights the result of the commun work done in the triplet component of the CMA 2014.

The Triplets Welcome
The day begins with public and community activities uniting all municipalities of Acadia of the Lands and Forests participating in the Triplet Component of the CMA 2014. Each Témiscouata municipality plays host to its twin municipalities. 

Everyone at the Lake!
Early in the afternoon, every Triplet delegation assembles at Clair Soleil Park in Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac to participate to the ceremony in which the municipality share the results of their work together. The big municipality parade will lead to the unveiling of a sculpture by François Maltais at Place de l'Acadie.

A New Beginning
The festivities continue in Clair Soleil Park with outdoor entertainment leading to the formal closing ceremony oh the fifth CMA and the passing of the torch to the CMA 2019 host region. The New Beginning formal ceremonies take place on Lake Témiscouata, on a barge surrounded by a flotilla of boats decorated in the colors of Acadie. The event is marked by the ceremonial arrival of the first nations peoples aboard a large canoe built on the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation highlighting the region's history.

Racines - Roots
In the evening in Clair Soleil Park, the grand New Beginning stage event: ''Racines''
Traditional and neo-trad music will be celebrated during this grand outdoor stage event, marking the closing of the CMA 2014. In this region of lands and forests, we follow the limbs of the family tree to a time when the Vigneaults and the Pellerins, the Richards, The Breaus and the Boudreauds danced together to the same fiddle tunes. In celebration of our shared roots, artistic director Nelson Minville brings together popular and traditional music artists for the grand reunion of Acadians of Quebec. Roots: with Yves Lambert, Édith Butler, Ingrid St-Pierre, Jean-François Breau, Marie-Ève Janvier, Roch Voisine, and many more.

Fire on the Lake!
As a fitting Grand Finale of the CMA 2014, spectacular fireworks illuminate the night sky on Lake Témiscouata and celebrate a new Acadie and a new beginning of Acadia of the Lands ans Forests.