Newsletter July 29, 2013

Did you guess what last week's word «amounêter» meantt?
Definition: Calm (often a child)

This week…
What does mean the word «bâsir»?
Sentence: « Pis toi, vaut mieux que tu bâssises au pus sacrant [« au plus vite »]… » (1981, L. Melanson, Zélika à Cochon Vert, p. 128)

conferencesColumn: Towards the CMA 2014!

Onw way: Seminars and Conferences

The Congrès mondial acadien 2014 gives a privileged place as much to the popular major events as to the festive meetings between Acadians. In August 2014, in Acadia of the Lands and Forests, it will also be a time for exchanges surrounding major questions about the future of Acadie from an economic, social, and professional point of view. Read more...

"Decorate Your Yard!" Contest!

The Congrès mondial acadien 2014 invites residents, companies, and communities of the Acadia of the Lands and Forests territory to take part in its new annual contest called "Decorate Your Yard!" by displaying Acadian and CMA 2014 colors during the summer period between August 1st and September 31st, 2013. Read more...



Students 2013

The CMA 2014' team is pleased to welcome 12 energetic summer students who will help in the preparations of the 2014 celebrations. Thanking them in advance for their dedications to their work, we wish them a great summer with us! Thank you to our partners the Government of New-Brunswick and th Government of Québec for theircollaboration!

From left to right : Félix Houde-Bouchard, Alexis Cardinal, Megan Ouellet, Kanchay Dent Bingham, Catherine Guimond, Jennessa Haché, Kristine Daigle, Jean-Étienne Sheehy, Amy Sirois, Anoushka Nadeau Gagné. (Abscents: Mathieu Lemieux, Jolaine Arseneau, Samuel D'Amours et Mélanie Cyr). 


A Work of Art in Honor of Acadie at Témiscouta-sur-le-Lac

The city of Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac and the Congrès mondial acadien 2014 are pleased to announce that François Maltais, famous artist from Pohénégamook, will build the sculpture embellishing Place de l'Acadie in Clair Soleil Park. This monumental work of art will be unveiled during the CMA New Beginning ceremonies, which will take place at Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac on August 24, 2014. Read more...


The Grand Youth Rally has its own Web site!

The Société Nationale de l'Acadie (SNA) and the Congrès mondial acadien 2014  are proud to officially launch the 2014 Grand Youth Rally's (GRJ 2014) new Web site.By visiting, people can find a preview of the program, general information about the event as well as videos produced during the two previous rallies (2004 and 2009). Read more...


15th edition of St-Eusèbe's Festi-Cèdre

During the 15th edition of the Festi-Cèdre, which took place from July 12 to 14, St-Eusèbe received over 3000 visitors. With different activities such as a magic show, many music shows, theatre plays and cedar exhibitions, this years edition was a success. Read more...


New challenges for Martin Arseneau

It iswith great regrets, that the Congrès mondial acadien 2014  is announcing the departure of  Martin Arseneau, from the position of director of communications in its team.  M. Arseneau has been with the CMA 2014 since June 17th 2012. During this past year as director, he has put together the communication plan, has handled his dossiers with tact, has developed a professionnal relation with his entourage : but, most of all, Martin showed his commitment to the cause.

The Congrès mondial acadien 2014 is thanking Martin for his dedication, his hard work and the orientation he was able to give to our communications. Nevertheless, it is with great pleasure and pride that the CMA 2014 whishes him the best of luck and great success in his new position in Ontario.


Job Offer : Director of communications

The CMA 2014 is currently seeking applications for the position of director of communications for the Congrès mondial acadien 2014. The Director of Communications will work under the supervision of the Executive Director of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014 (CMA 2014) and in close collaboration with the CMA team. Consult Job Offer...


The CMA 2014 seeks the support of Acadia of the Lands and Forests for its accomodations directory!

The Congrès mondial acadien 2014 (CMA 2014) is seeking support from the population of Acadia of the Lands and Forests in order to create a data base for private accommodations. People who have a room(s), house or cottage(s) available for the seventeen days of the CMA 2014 will be able to register simply by filling out the form available on our Web site at:


The Festicadie unveils its programming

Discover Acadie! It is under that theme that St-Grégoire will hold its fifth Festicadie, August 16, 17, and 18, 2013. Once again this year, the Organizing committee has prepared a program in which family is honored. Many activities will take place throughout the weekend such as inflatables, a mini-farm, acrobatics demonstrations, and a strolling miller who has a lot of stories to tell.. Read more...