One way ticket: Opening Ceremonies

cma beaulac 49The bank of Beau Lake is very meaningful to the 2014 Congrès mondial acadien. It’s the meeting point of all three hosting regions of New Brunswick, Quebec, and Maine. For that reason, it has been chosen as the location for the first phase of the opening ceremonies of the 5th Congrès mondial acadien.

Tradition will meet modernity at the symbolic opening ceremony of August 8th 2014. People will be able return to the sources of their history and contemplate the evolution of the community. Upon the very start of the opening ceremony at Beau Lake, the values of the congress will already be put forward, including looking beyond the borders, an Acadia that welcomes everyone from around the world, and the new reality of modern communications and social medias.

The participation of the Malécites was essential to the congress organizers. First Nations and Acadians have often joined hands to defend their rights, render helping relationships, and develop friendships. To honour the cooperation between these two communities, the Malécites will be on the bank of Beau Lake to welcome the Acadians and dignitaries arriving by boats. Today, banks and rivers act as borders, but for the First Nations, these waters were and still are efficient communication ways and an opening to the world. A marriage of First Nations and Acadian music, a flag-raising event, and friendly reunions will officially launch the 2014 Congrès mondial acadien.

Those not able to make it to Beau Lake will not be left behind. An array of activities and meetings is scheduled at different locations throughout the day, so Acadians from around the world can meet and be involved. For example, people taking part in community breakfasts at eight strategic locations across Acadia of Lands and Forests will be able to join the ceremonies at Beau Lake via the web. This congress will be the most connected of all times, in order to have as much participation as possible and a bigger span. Therefore, those at the breakfasts will be able to see, hear, and share the events of the opening ceremony at Beau Lake.

From these community breakfasts, people are invited to Madawaska, Baker-Brook, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, and Dégelis for some afternoon entertainment. The four regions will host bazars, artistic animation, outdoor activities, and shows to amuse all ages.

The borders will be even more undistinguishable as all Acadians are invited to Edmundston for a legendary pow-wow. Here, a legacy ceremony will take place to illustrate the continuity of the Congrès mondial acadien. A delegation from the Acadian Peninsula, host of the previous 2009 congress, will be in Edmundston to offer a symbolic tree to the new hosts. This tradition is repeated at each congress and represents the pride in the event and the passing of the torch.

The big concert « l’Acadie du monde » will close the night at Edmundston’s Turgeon Park. Artists will include Roch Voisine, the cultural spokesperson of the 2014 Congrès mondial acadien, Natasha St-Pier, who joined voices with Voisine for the theme song of this congress, Jason Guerrette, and Jean-Marc Couture. Needless to say the dedication and involvement of the community to organize such a day has never been seen before. Hundreds of volunteers will guide the happy people to the meeting points throughout the day, and assure the flow of the activities. On the opening day, the giving spirit and pride of the Acadians will already be shinning on the world!