Economic Informations

Strategic planning study

Business people and economic stakeholders from New-Brunswick, Quebec and the United States were consulted to identify potential solutions. The strategic planning study prepare by Raymond Chabot Grant-Thornton suggested more than 80 actions combined predominantly into 10 recommendations. 



  • Formation of various structuring committees on the Acadia of the Lands and Forests territory;
  • Support the creation of a free trade zone between Canada and the United States;
  • Harmonize the approach of the three touristic regions;
  • Promote the territory, local businesses and creating promoting tools of Acadia and the Lands and Forests;
  • Determine the economic component segments;
  • Promote the CMA 2014 and its territory to the economic component segments;
  • Collaboration with educational institutions;
  • Initiating precongress event;
  • Evaluate the workforce challenge;
  • Integrate environmental responsibility in the CMA 2014.

Since then, numerous presentations made to business people and stakeholders made us realize that it was time to implement a plan of action to determine the issues and most promising sectors in order to increase the economic development on the territory and lay the foundation for a new communal economic space.

Economic development survey

Results - Economic development survey

Economic meeting - January 21, 2014

Summary - Economic meeting - january 21, 2014
Presentation - Economic meeting - January 21, 2014