Economic Component Mission

acadie des terres et forets

"Recognizing one of the biggest challenges in the Region, we want to leave a legacy that will promote the uniqueness of our children and grandchildren, and build a stronger thriving economy."

In this scope a strategic planning exercise was conducted to translate into action the basis for the mission of the CMA’s economic component, that is, to “Ensure a long-term sustainable economic legacy of Acadia of the Lands and Forests”.

The activities proposed in the economic component’s work plan are over and above those being organized for the CMA 2014. They are parallel and complement the event but, moreover, they are essential to the success of the CMA’s mission which is to ensure a long-term sustainable economic legacy of Acadia of the Lands and Forests and to its vision of creating a common space in the economic, touristic, cultural and institutional sectors.

The economic challenges of Acadia of the lands ans forests

Like many of the rural regions in North America, if not most, Témiscouata, northern New Brunswick and the northern part of Aroostook County face the same economic challenges:

  • A dormant or decreasing economy;
  • Exodus of young people and an aging population;
  • Old ways of doing things;
  • A lack of actual collaboration;
  • A challenging environment;
  • Programs and frameworks that are inadequate for rural areas;
  • Far away from major centers of influence and decision-making;
  • Non-existent interprovincial and international collaborative mechanisms.

The CMA 2014: a unique opportunity to develop Acadia of the lands and forests

There appear to be new possibilities to develop a regional economy.  By pursuing an approach based on the improvement and development of assets from a community of interests, it is possible to:

  • Build an economy based on resources and knowledge;
  • Develop niche sectors and export markets;
  • Encourage innovation, partnership and entrepreneurship;
  • Perceive boundaries as a commercial and economic advantage instead of as a barrier.