Multimedia Pavillion

MultimediaThe goal of this project is to collect with the help of a web mobile application,  of interactive display booths and of members of a CMA production team, multimedia content (such as verbal accounts, reactions, comments) linked to actual experience of CMA participants in various activities (family reunions, homecomings, cultural activities, sporting events...)

... Collect comments/status updates/tweets regarding the CMA 2014.

...Bring together an artistic team (artistic director, author/poet, musician/composer, audiovisual artistic/graphic designer) that would re-interpret daily those contents in an area equipped with significant technological capabilities (screens, video projections, interactive spaces).

The multimedia pavilion will be at the Edmundston Multisports Pavilion during the Congrès mondial acadien 2014. This venue hosts:

  • an Internet café;
  • interactive games;
  • a large stage that can accommodate shows and conferences;
  • a more intimate scene (poetry, live art, intimate shows);
  • viewing areas;
  • the press room of the CMA 2014.