Table of Contents

Acadia of Lands and Forests… host of the CMA 2014 - Read more                 

Chapter 1 : Acadia of Old                                                                                             

1.1 History of Acadia and links to the Northwest - Discover this section

1.2 Acadia organizes itself: A brief history of national conventions - Discover this section                             

1.3 Our National Symbols - Discover this section

1.4 The Webster-Ashburton Treaty - Discover this section                                                   

1.5 Towards Today's Acadia - Discover this section                                                           

Chapter 2 : Acadia of the Lands and Forests Today                                                          

2.1 Tales and Legends of the Region - Discover this section

2.2 Towards the discovery of...Maliseeet Communities - Discover this section                                                       

2.3 Discovering…Acadia in Maine - Discover this section

2.3.1 Description of the Communities - Discover this section

2.3.2 A Tour of Sites of Interest- Discover this section                                               

2.4 Discovering...Acadia in the Temiscouata region in Quebec- Discover this section                                             

2.4.1 Description of the Communities - Discover this section                                                       

2.4.2 A Tour of Sites of Interest- Discover this section                                                   

2.5 Discovering...Acadia in Northwest New-Brunswick - Discover this section                                

2.5.1 Description of communities - Discover this section                                                       

2.5.2 A Tour of Sites of Interest - Discover this section                                           

Chapter 3 : The Acadia of Tomorrow                                                                                    

3.1 Social Engagement -Discover this section                                                                                    

3.1.1 Teaching Institutions - Discover this section                                                               

3.2 Community Organizations - Discover this section                                                                  

3.3 Hope on the horizon - Discover this section