Acadia in all its challenges

From August 11, 2014 (7:00 p.m.) to August 14, 2014 (8:00 p.m.), at the Edmundston campus of the Université de Moncton (UMCE)

In the context of the ever accelerating pace of change and the numerous challenges faced by the Acadian communities wherever they are established, the conference “Acadia and its challenges” is meant to offer a privileged space for dialogue and reflection fueled by the research on Acadia, on “Acadianism” and the future of the Acadian people.

The seminars “Acadia and its challenges” will be based on two major unifying themes, boundaries and diversity, taking into consideration that the Congrès mondial acadien will be held in a region of boundaries – in Acadia of the Lands and Forests, which lies at the heart of New Brunswick, Maine and Québec –, and that it is organized by Acadian populations distinct in their language, their governance and in their socio-economic reality. Both those themes, boundaries and diversity, are interwoven within various topics. In a context of globalization and cultural pluralism, what is in the future for which Acadia? Across the boundaries and the diversity that distinguish them from one another, what are the challenges shared by the different regions of Acadia? Can common projects be identified? Which ones?

Key players in the field of research, from universities and the public in general, have been invited to partake in these debates, exchanges and reflections based on existing research during the conference which will be held in the span of three and a half days. The conference will be comprised of six days of thematic studies (held two per day, concurrently). Each study day will be composed of one major conference, delivered by a known personality, to address key issues, of sessions that focus on the presentation of communications, of round-table discussions involving specialists and stakeholders, and of an informal activity for the exchange of ideas, in the style of a citizens’ café, leading to a broader debate around the themes of each study day. Each study day is presented as an invitation to researchers to clarify, by their work, the great challenges that Acadians must overcome in their respective context.

The organizing committee of each study day invites the persons interested in submitting a proposal for communication, for a session or for a round-table relating to the proposed themes must do so before September 30, 2013. The proposals on other subject matters will also be considered. The organizing committee of the different study days strongly encourage suggestions of sessions or of round-tables, complete with three presenters and a facilitator. Each committee reserves the right to restructure the sessions or round-tables in order to ensure the overall cohesion of the conference. The proposals must have a title, a 250-word summary and brief biographical notes (professional affiliation, personal data and major achievements).